Improving Healthcare for Black Women

The She Matters Cultural Competence Certification is a well-designed training program provided by She Matters, Inc. Our training allows Healthcare Networks and independent practitioners to improve their staff members’ proficiencies without the overhead of hiring internal trainers by leveraging our subject matter expertise, seminars from health equity experts and on demand access to our significant ongoing investment in curriculum development  paired with a strategic plan for implementing cultural competence as a healthcare provider.  Our certification is eligible for CME credit. 

Training begins November 7, 2022. Register HERE.

Black women are 57%
less likely to start treatment for postpartum depression

Black mamas are more than twice as likely to experience postpartum depressive symptoms as White women.



Compared to white patients, Black patients are 89% more likely to have nonconsented procedures during perinatal care and 87% more likely to have them during vaginal births.

- L.A. Times

Cultural Competence Certification Curriculum

Module I

This module serves as an introduction to the cultural nuances of being a Black woman navigating the healthcare system. 

Historical timeline of the US healthcare system's treatment of Black women, current affairs, and expert guest speakers will be used to contextualize the concepts presented.


Module II

This module will present a framework for understanding the impact of racism and other identity related discrimination on all society members. 

Through one-on-one interactions with Black mother patients, participants can expect to hone their empathy, active listening and emotional intelligence and ensure their diagnosis and prescribed treatment plan align accordingly. 

Ongoing surveys will be distributed to healthcare providers and Black mom patients throughout the certification program to track the retention and implementation of the skills learned.


Module III

This module serves as an introduction to the cultural diversity amongst Black women and the incorporation of training sessions via tele-health and changes in the health services landscape in the wake of the Black Momnibus Act.



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